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Live Well Fit Blog

Live Well Fit - Fitness & Wellness Blog

Why Plank? Core Strength and Abs

Why Plank? Core Strength and Abs

Core Strength is So needed for women. We focus on core strength in all of our classes using different exercises such as pilates and other stability equipment like bosus, TRX and active motion bars. But our favorite exercise YOU can do anywhere is a PLANK which is where we start our beginners.

We LOVE planks! We teach planks to our clients starting with modifications on the wall, then knees then the floor, side planks and one leg planks! 

What is Core Strength? Core strength  refers to the strength of deep muscle groups in your abdomen, back, and glutes — the three muscle groups that are essential to supporting your spine and helping you maintain your balance. If what you do involves sitting for a large part of your day, strengthening these core muscles could be more important to your health than you think. Odds are, you aren’t sitting at your desk with perfect posture for hours on end, but strengthening your core could help support your spine and prevent the pain and poor posture that comes from sitting slumped over your desk all day long.

But what most people don’t know is that working your core means more than just your abdominal muscles, but also engaging your glutes and back muscles as well so that the work of supporting your spine is distributed throughout your body. This is especially important for anyone who is top-heavy and strains their back regularly. Fortunately, a full core workout can be much more physically engaging and mentally stimulating than sit-ups.

But why are planks so helpful?

Planks are an essential exercise in working your core. According to Dr. Jinger Gottschall, assistant professor of kinesiology at Penn State University,

“[planks] maintain the stability of the core muscles, which support proper posture by safeguarding an erect position and proper alignment of the spine” and allows for “more three-dimensional activation, from hip to shoulder, whereas the crunch is an isolated move that hits just your abs.”

Planks have many overall health benefits beyond toning your abs, they also help reduce back pain, improve your mood, and increase your flexibility. Because they engage several muscle groups simultaneously, planks can be a bit of a challenge at first but doing them daily will pay off in better posture, the ability to get up and down easier and of course feel more confident about the mid scetions which is a trouble area for most of us women.

Need Motviation? That's our specialty! WAtch these planks!!! file:///C:/Users/Owner/Pictures/2017/planks%20video.htm

We encourage you to Try our 30 day Plank challenge that starts February 1st 2017  at home and comment on our Facebook page that your did yours here

We have  found that  posting  " DONE"provides you a litlte more accountablity and lets us know you are doing it! 

Remember that YOU are AMAZING and can do anything you set your mind to!

Come learn HOW to plank in our next Beginner Fit camp.

Check the FIT CAMP tab on our class schedule 

or call us 806-341-8679  to get more details on where to start. We hold your hand and start slow so you will feel more confident and lose the fear of not being able to keep up.


We start our 28 day PLANK Challenge March  1st! Be sure to follow us here and our facebook page!  

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Southern mock fried Okra

Southern mock fried Okra

I grew up in Georgia where fried Okra was a staple.  While I still love it, I discovered you can  make it healthier and just as tasty as  my sweet mamas.



  • 1 cup yellow cornmeal
  • 1/2 cup panko bread crumbs
  • 1 tbsp kosher salt
  • 1/2 tsp fresh ground black pepper
  • 1/2 tsp crushed red pepper
  • 1/2 cup fat free buttermilk
  • 1 egg, lightly beaten
  • 1 lb fresh okra pods, trimmed and cut into 3/4 inch slices


1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees.

2. Combine cornmeal, panko bread crumbs, 1/2 tsp salt, black pepper, and red pepper in a shallow dish; set aside.

3. Combine buttermilk and egg in a large bowl; stir with a whisk

4. Add okra to buttermilk mixture; toss to coat. Let stand 3 minutes.

5. Dredge okra in cornmeal/crumb mixture.

6. Place okra in a jelly roll pan coated with cooking spray. Sprinkle remaining salt over the okra.

7. Bake for 30-35 mintues, stirring once, until okra is golden brown and crispy

i take recipes from my childhood and make them healthier. Give me a shout to help convert your favorite southern dish to a healthier one!


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Everyone's a WINNER! 60 day challenge for women works!

Everyone's a WINNER! 60 day challenge for women works!

What can I say about these women in our  60 day Health challenge ? AMAZING..

I wanted to see if making women accountable, giving them ALL the support I could, educating them on nutrition, locating their food triggers that have made them yo-yo diet all their lives, help them learn to move more and LIKE it, sleep better, feel better, get off medications, be spritually fed, be emotionally fed  and give them the support group of other women who struggle with the same things.. I tweak each challenge every time we do them. This January challenge, I have 100% of women lose inches in the first 30 days anywhere from 6 to 22! One participant who has done 2 challenges in a row is down 43 inches!!!

Being 54 and in the fitness industry for 35 of those years, I sat down to listen to what I felt called to do and that is to empower women, to make a difference in their total health. Opening my small business, almost 2 years ago helped me start that adventure, but I realized I needed to do more. I began "fit camps" to give women a place to START... to feel comfortable, to learn, to share and hopefully continue a new healthy journey for life. These have been so successful, but I realized there was an even greater need to make them 'get it'... They needed accountability and support not only from me but from others.

I spoke to several doctors, counselors and nutritionists to help me put the program together and feel like this first challenge I have done has done that! It has been exhausting and time consuming for me, but also the biggest blessing I could have to know that it is working! Lives have changed! Whoop!

We have also created programs such as our SOLE SISTER program, which is FREE and led by a spritual warrior who has walked the walk and can relate to women who struggle with trying to battle the demons that can help those lose over 100 pounds.  Keri will be interviewed by a national magazine next month and give her testimony of how she fought the battle! I was so blessed to pass along her info so she could spread her journey . We will be offering those meetings again in the spring so stay tuned..

I hope to create more programs to help women of all needs and ages. You can read the comments that were shared on my facebook page that you can read as well.

I will continue to have these challenges and hope to change more lives...

The prize for the winner of the first challenge will be awarded $500 each,but as you can read, EVERYONE was a winner! Read the posts below from some of our contestants, then the WINNERS have been posted at the bottom!

if you are Interested in being in our  March or June  or September 2014 challenge?  click the  BLUE link below and choose the Health Challenge tab   EZ sign up online. .. .

Several women are not ready for the challenge and want to begin something at Home. I understand that totally..

If you need a home workout program that both you and your hubby will like  that is short and sweet,  P90x3 is 30 minute workouts and  brand new one.. click the black link for info.


 OR, the fabulous new 21day fix   which offers 30 minute workouts with pilates, cardio and super way to track your nutrition with containers - it is more 'women  body friendly" - I is NOW available at  . The 21 day fix is in in the bottom right corner.. click it and have it sent to your home!

Read what our October Challengers had  to say: We will post results of our January challenge which ends March 8th soon!!  If you need help or have questions, now is the time to ask. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Read on for REAL women of Amarillo who have participated..

Christy Cansler Nelson

Well, our 60-Day Challenge has come to an end. I must admit that I am a bit sad, but more than anything I am scared that I won't proceed forward with what I have learned. The challenge held me accountable and now it's time for me to keep myself accountable. However, I feel certain that this wonderful group of ladies will continue encouraging and inspiring one another. I get choked up every time I read posts about the amazing results everyone is seeing.

Last night I did my final weigh-in with Suzi and am happy to say that I held it together. Well............until I got in my car that is. As I sat crying in my car, I texted my results to my friends, Stacy, Missy and Angie and also my sister. They have been such great support these past 60 days and I am so blessed to have them in my life. Their reply texts really turned the waterworks on! LOL

And to you, Suzi McKee, I want to tell you how much I appreciate the help, commitment, encouragement, and love that you have shown to all of us during this challenge. You truly are AMAZING!!!!

Oh and I almost forgot.........I lost a total of 18 inches and 17 pounds! WhooHoo!

Katrina L Gilson-Dauzat

60 days of changes, planning, exercise, eating, drinking water has equaled into a total of 22 inches lost!!  Wow Oh Wow!! The scale didn't move much, but the real measurement of inches lost, BMI, & body fat % did!! I feel great! Blood sugar is better! I mentioned eating, and yes we ATE, lots and lots! To the point of being tired of eating. Clean Eating has shown us results in inches lost!!
Thank you Suzi McKee, for your love, desire to help, pushing us, griping at us, to get us to this point of success!

Shelli Thayer Jones 

Today was the BIG day! Over the last three days I have measured and remeasured, because I couldn't believe the numbers!! In 60 days I am stronger, leaner and meaner. I have lost 20.5 inches, but more than that I have gained self confidence. If you're sitting on the fence about joining the challenge ask yourself what have you got to lose? Even more important ask yourself, what do I have to gain?
Thanks Suzi McKee the last 60 day have been the best and hardest days ever!!

Denise Westmoreland Johnson

To anyone considering doing Suzi McKee 's Fit Camp challenge is you better sign up FAST! Suzi, Live-Well-Fit and all of her wonderful trainers are the Best thing that will change your life. I am 53 and have never felt better!! Shakeology has also changed my world. I have so much energy, no cravings and have totally given up processed foods. I EAT more than I ever have, nutritional and healthy choices and exercise because I have the energy. So I did the 60 day challenge, lost nearly a 5 pound bag of sugar and 16.5 inches in only 7 weeks. I have slimmed all over and cannot wait to continue on healthier and happier and more positive than I have ever been. So make the choice to do this girls. You will be so successful if you follow the plan which is very easy and get off the scale. It will be the best decision you have ever made. PROMISE!!

Kim Barnes Mullane

I cannot express to you enough how much of an impact you have made in my life over the last 10 months, specifically the last 60 days. Not until today as I concluded my 60 day challenge did I know how BIG that impact was. The numbers showed incredible results with a total of 23 inches lost and my BMI reduced by 3 points, I WAS IN SHOCK THIS MORNING! You have taught me get rid of the processed junk and eat clean and exercise and the rest will happen. This is just the beginning of my journey and I'm very excited to see what's down the road for me. WOW, WHAT A RIDE!!! BIG HUGS to you and my new challenge friends!

Sydia Aguilar

Well I think I'm still in a cloud this morning!!! My numbers are AMAZING! 21 3/4 inches... only 7lbs but the scale DOES NOT define me-I have learned so much! I feel wonderful and I continue to get compliments daily! This is just the beginning for me. I WILL continue my new way of living! I actually have "bumps" on my arms! I can see a muscle popping out. LOL. I love you Suzi McKee... and LWF staff! Your dedication to each and every one of us is priceless! We are all winners!

Lori Morrison Sprock

Conversation today: Lori you look like you've lost some weight. You look very healthy and happy.

Stacy Berry Smith

So, I just did my measurements. Let me just say, I am shocked! WOW!

Shawn Owens Norris

All I can say is I am not the $1000 winner but I did win. I come away with knowledge that is pricelss and will help from here on out. I have learned there are so many of us on the same page and if we work together and commincate WOW the end results are amazing. We have encouraged one another to move forward and not beat ourselfs up for a bad decision at that time and moment. Thank you ladies for all of the encouragement and I will be here anytime anyone needs some helpl The scale will never ever define me again. Thank You So Very Much Suzi.

Debbie Hannah Skinner

I felt so encouraged by those new measurements!!! THANK YOU Suzi and the great LWF instructors and my fellow challenge girlfriends!

 ALL of these women changed their bodies and are on a new journey of health and wiling to help the NEXT group of women to pay it forward ' on what they have learned..

After running the stats based on Body fat  which was anywhere from 1% to 4% AMAZING in 60 days ( which also takes into consideration weight lost which was anywhere from 2 pounds to 28!)  total inches lost which was anywhere from 7 inches to 32 inches!!


I had to run the numbers 3 differnent times to be SURE this was correct but we had a TIE , thus 2 women were blessed with $500 cash prize!


CONGRATS to ALL! You were aLL winners!



Sign up TODAY for the next challenge IF you are ready to change your health! Spots filling FAST!!

choose the HEALTH CHALLENGE tab  on our CLASS SCHEDULE at and enter!!! Cost is $50 which goes towards the cash prize and FREE Am classes at livewellfit! 

 January is going on now and sign ups for March and June have begun!

Change your Health...Change your LIfe!


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"Suzi is a woman on a mission.  She is all about helping all women get fit and live a healthier lifestyle.  Her motivation and expertise cannot be matched.  She truly cares about her clients."
~Cherra LaFleur

Before & After

Before & After


Before & After
"I feel amazing and I am so thankful I decided to do the challenge!"
~Tina Hicks
60 Day Challenge - Lost 24.75 inches
8.8lbs, 9.4 Body Fat and 98 BMI

Before & After