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Live Well Fit Blog

Live Well Fit - Fitness & Wellness Blog

Why Plank? Core Strength and Abs

Why Plank? Core Strength and Abs

Core Strength is So needed for women. We focus on core strength in all of our classes using different exercises such as pilates and other stability equipment like bosus, TRX and active motion bars. But our favorite exercise YOU can do anywhere is a PLANK which is where we start our beginners.

We LOVE planks! We teach planks to our clients starting with modifications on the wall, then knees then the floor, side planks and one leg planks! 

What is Core Strength? Core strength  refers to the strength of deep muscle groups in your abdomen, back, and glutes — the three muscle groups that are essential to supporting your spine and helping you maintain your balance. If what you do involves sitting for a large part of your day, strengthening these core muscles could be more important to your health than you think. Odds are, you aren’t sitting at your desk with perfect posture for hours on end, but strengthening your core could help support your spine and prevent the pain and poor posture that comes from sitting slumped over your desk all day long.

But what most people don’t know is that working your core means more than just your abdominal muscles, but also engaging your glutes and back muscles as well so that the work of supporting your spine is distributed throughout your body. This is especially important for anyone who is top-heavy and strains their back regularly. Fortunately, a full core workout can be much more physically engaging and mentally stimulating than sit-ups.

But why are planks so helpful?

Planks are an essential exercise in working your core. According to Dr. Jinger Gottschall, assistant professor of kinesiology at Penn State University,

“[planks] maintain the stability of the core muscles, which support proper posture by safeguarding an erect position and proper alignment of the spine” and allows for “more three-dimensional activation, from hip to shoulder, whereas the crunch is an isolated move that hits just your abs.”

Planks have many overall health benefits beyond toning your abs, they also help reduce back pain, improve your mood, and increase your flexibility. Because they engage several muscle groups simultaneously, planks can be a bit of a challenge at first but doing them daily will pay off in better posture, the ability to get up and down easier and of course feel more confident about the mid scetions which is a trouble area for most of us women.

Need Motviation? That's our specialty! WAtch these planks!!! file:///C:/Users/Owner/Pictures/2017/planks%20video.htm

We encourage you to Try our 30 day Plank challenge that starts February 1st 2017  at home and comment on our Facebook page that your did yours here

We have  found that  posting  " DONE"provides you a litlte more accountablity and lets us know you are doing it! 

Remember that YOU are AMAZING and can do anything you set your mind to!

Come learn HOW to plank in our next Beginner Fit camp.

Check the FIT CAMP tab on our class schedule 

or call us 806-341-8679  to get more details on where to start. We hold your hand and start slow so you will feel more confident and lose the fear of not being able to keep up.


We start our 28 day PLANK Challenge March  1st! Be sure to follow us here and our facebook page!  

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3 Tips to Losing and Keeping Weight off

3  Tips to Losing and Keeping Weight off

As a fitness professional of 35 years, every January I get questions asking "How do I lose weight' and "how do I stay on track".

While I want everyone to be happy with their bodies and achieve their health goals, most women tell me that "life" gets in the way of their original plan and they ride the never ending roller coaster of gaining and losing weight.

Here are tips to help you STAY on track all year. Remember, treat yourself like your best friend, talk to yourself like your best friend. 

NEED ACCOUNTABILITY? Be a part of our BEGINNER  4 week SERIES  group that is held every 60 days. Details here on the Fit Camp tab! 

Even EASIER is downloading our FREE APP where you can get specials, discounts, upcoming events and acces classes easily. Click here > 

1. DRINK enough water!

  • What is  water-induced thermogenesis is and how does  it impact weight loss? In a nutshell, if we do not give our bodies sufficient hydration the body will not work properly.  Did you know that when you drink at least 17 ounces of water, your body actually HEATS UP ( think metabolism) . Drinking 2 liters of water daily actually Helps your body burn up to 95 EXTRA calories per day. This could aide in fat loss.  BE sure to drink  good quality water that does not have chlorine in it. Many people have water filters in the water system.. did you know that the BRITA water filter is made by Chlorox?  hmmmmm might check that filter..

Many times women are under hydrated and EAT thinking they are hungry when in fact, their bodies need WATER..Drink water,  not tea, not anything with AIDE at the end( please no) .. just good ole' water. The next time you think you are hungry, be sure and drink at least 16 ounces of water. If indeed you are still hungry, then grab you a healthy snack and enjoy!

Tips to stay hydrated- There are many apps that will remind you to DRINK water. Check the apple store for your fav or set your timer on your phone to remind you! We get busy and FORGET . I keep a gallon jug with me daily . If its not gone by 5:00, I do my best to finish !


Set a time to GO TO BED! Make sleep a priority to get 7-8 hours of sleep. The body cannot function with out this recovery. Your brain de toxifies with sleep. Without proper sleep, the body naturally craves sugars, carbs and other foods that increase body fat storage. 

The hormone Melatonin  ( sleep and anti cancer hormone) starts to kick in late afternoon when it starts to become dark . THis is normal process.  This is good!  Start your sleep journey be  Creating  your own sleep sanctuary. Darken the room,reduce all blue light, charge your cell phone somewhere OTHER than your bedroom ( yes use an old school alarm clock!) and keep the room 55-62 degress .  If you stay awake or have articificial light in your eyes  ( watching netflix right before sleeping, checking your facebook).this tells your brain that you should remain "awake' and while you may go to sleep, it effects your REM sleep later , the restorative sleep .

How can you wind down? Read a book ( not a kindle with a light in the background). Take a warm bath with epsom salts that helps with magnesium absorption. Try a spray on natural magnesium spray every night. We swear by EASE spray which we carry at the studio.

Deep meditative breathing and get good quality sheets. Without sleep, no one can keep those cravings at bay.


3. EXERCISE- but what kind?

Most women are aware that by having  more muscle mass, your metabolic rate remains higher. Classes at our studio that help with increasing  lean muscles and reduce body fat are TRX, Pump, Booty Barre, Guns and Buns, Metabolic..

Doing resistance training 3 times  a week will INCREASE your basal metabolic rate, your resting metabolism. Muscle is also a storehouse for anti aging. Older women who have more muscle mass have more vitalitiy, can handle more stress and can recover faster.  Being 57 years old, I firmly believe that having more lean muscles mass helps keep my energy levels high.

Studies have shown that those women who do resistance training 3 times a week are much more likley to keep their weight loss in check. Cardiovascular exercise is also encouraged such as cycling, Step, Dance based classes like CIZE increase endurance, help burn calories and reduce stress.

Reducing STRESS thus reducing cortisol levels (the hormone that causes us to stay in the fight or flight mode)  allows the body to maintain a normal ratio of body fat.  Our clients love our  yoga classes . Our  RESTORE Yoga class is mmy person fav in which we   do basic yoga moves with deep breathing meditation  and finish class with our feet propped up on the wall.ahhhhhhh


OF course,  NUTRITION is the main part of this puzzle. Eating REAL foods, not man made foods are the key. Without the Water, Sleep and Exercise most "diets" will be just a phase. Make these 3 tips are part of your daily life and watch the magic happen!

SUGAR! How much do you eat?

Play this SUGAR accountability game to see if you KNOW how much YOU are eating


What do you truly know about SUGAR? This wil open your eyes!!! 

Contact us to learn more about our upcoming Healthy cooking classes, kitchen makeover , ACCOUNTABILITY and Motivation Groups for women, Healthy cooking classes and beginner fit camps are ongoing  as well as our group fitness classes.

WE offer BEGINNER fit camps every 2 weeks for those brand new to fitness where you can meet others just starting out, starting over with no intimidation or worry that you cant keep up. We show modifications for all injuries , fitness levels ,ages and sizes. Our desire to help women find a class or group workout that makes you WANT to move ,be accountable to a new group of fun friends and be a part of our loving Tribe of women.

Check the Class schedule  or download our APP   or choose the CONTACT US button above on our website. We woud LOVE to help you!

Have you downloaded it yet? It is SO EASY to browse & signup for classes/events! 6040 SW 33rd behind hobby lobby - 806-341-8679
iPhone: -OR- Android:


Follow us on Facebook and friend request Suzi McKee  ( me!) so that  I can help get you to the right class to begin~


Want to know ALL about what we do at Livewellfit  ?

Watch !

Come see us!!

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Healthy You Series 2016

Healthy You Series 2016

Come learn how to cook healthy with some of these gals!!

Roasted chicken, Yummy Veggies, Fish recipes even your KIDS will eat!  Delicious power bars to keep handy and basic chopping skills! Heart rate training, grocery store tours and more!

These women are having a blast in classes! Join us for our next session! We also have our HEALTHY YOU series with lectures on empowering yourself, confidence boosters and more! 

Choose COOKING tab for classes or LECTURE tabs for empowerment and self confidence classes. 

Learn about ALL the upcoming events by clicking the link below!!

Healthy YOU lecture series starts January 16th 2016  choose the HEALTHY YOU tab!


Healthy Eating Group

Learn tips like how to keep your fruit from perishing!






Learn how to shop out our grocery store tour!



addres self image issues and shame with Debbie Moore


Call us today  to get signed up at 806-341-8679 or stop by our

NEW LOCATION at 6040 sw 33rd daily from 5am- 12  4:30-7:30pm  


See the SCHEDULE tab above!



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Beginner Zumba is here!

Beginner Zumba is here!

Many women want to try Zumba , but have a fear of "keeping up" or not knowing the routine, or thinking that all the women willl be in such  great shape , they will feel uncomfortable. I am here to tell you that we offer BeGINNER classes for all our different classes and provide this to make you feel welcome and successful!

Drop in to a beginner zumba class any Saturday morning. Create an account and choose First class free!

From there you can drop in per class, or pay for unlimitied classes under our CLASS PACKAGE option! bring a friend and have some fun!

choose the START HERE button on the top left of this page!


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"Suzi is a woman on a mission.  She is all about helping all women get fit and live a healthier lifestyle.  Her motivation and expertise cannot be matched.  She truly cares about her clients."
~Cherra LaFleur

Before & After

Before & After


Before & After
"I feel amazing and I am so thankful I decided to do the challenge!"
~Tina Hicks
60 Day Challenge - Lost 24.75 inches
8.8lbs, 9.4 Body Fat and 98 BMI

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