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Fitness Classes & Healthy Tips for women on exercise, nutrition, fitness, wellness, cooking, and support for women of all ages focusing on the beginner!

Motivation for Women Over 40

Motivation for Women Over 40

You finally said OK I have had it. I am going to get motivated to change my health! So you google "diets" and find so much MIS-information that you get SO confused you just put down your phone and scream, "oh just forget it"!

So, day 2 you decide, " I will find a gym" then workout every day! So, you google all the gyms in your area and find that most offer no beginner options, are full of super athletic, already been working out for years - every legging and shirt matches women there and you think wellllllll NOPE! 

You scream: "I need a TRIBE of women who are LIKE ME!" Over 40, not perfect, FUN, REAL, are on a new or continuing journey to take time for themselves for the first time in a LONG time and can REALATE to hot flashes, bad knees, empty nest, a few extra pounds, having to get cheater glasses and do like a glass of wine every now and then..


Well!!! HERE WE ARE!!! And, here is why I started Livewellfit!  A quick video when someone asked me at the park what I do and why I do it:

I created livewellfit for women who want to find the FUN and joy in becoming and staying healhty. A place where women can come for encouragement and offer support to each other. A place where others ask you "where were you yesterday, missed you in class" ...and hold you accountable to keep you on track! And, know your name!

So I am personally inviting YOU! Yes, YOU to get motivated. We start with moving and we have seminars on stress, nutriton, cooking, self image and more.

Where can you begin today to eat healthier? 

NUTRITION: Where do you start to eat "clean" - I have clean eating challenges just like this to help you!

If you live in the Amarillo area, I encourage you to step out of your box one more time to discover that YOU are worth taking the time to start a healthy journey.

We offer a safe place to start and have claseses as early as 5:00 am until 7:45 pm. SURELY you can find a time in between there to take 30 minutes for you?  We offer Fit camps for 4 weeks where you will start with those BRAND NEW to everything OR you can drop into ANY beginner class or train with one of our personal trainers (all female) to get you started. Choose the FIT CAMP tab here: 

Another great place to start is the 60 day challenge! It's offered twice a year!

The 60 day challenge has been one of most succesful programs for women.

Listen to Margie talking about what the 60 day challenge did for her.  She lost over 18 pounds and 28 inches: or check out our testamonials:

Or, listen to Mindy speak, who used to eat donut holes every morning.  She lost 11 pounds and since this video has lost over 30!


So, you have SEVERAL options to get motivated and STAY motivated.

1. Contact me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or my manager Misti at  806-341-8679 to meet with you to discuss the best place to start for YOU.  Located at 6040 SW 33rd (best to call first as we are in-and-out)

2. CREATE an account and take your first class free:  You pay per class, per fit camp, per month, 3 months or per year. YOU choose.. the more you purchase up front the less it is. 

3. Sign up for our next FIT CAMP Choose the FIT CAMP tab at on our online system:

4. Download our private APP on the apple or google store.  Search LIVEWELLFIT and look for our logo of a pink/black lady moving.  WE have so much information there for you!

5. Sign up for our next 60 day challenge that you heard about in the videos above  (watch the video of Margie or Mindy for an idea of what we do) or read our FULL blog post about it (search 60 day in the search bar of this blog).

WE offer monthly 'challenges' for our gals such as most calories burned, who brings the most friends, drank at least 64 ounces of water a day, slept 7-8 hours a night, etc.. REAL LIFE goals and motivation for REAL health.

Follow us on facebook where we do LIVE posts about how to use the TRX, tone the lower half of your body and more. We welcome your suggestions.


My staff is here to help you start and meet you right where you are at today! Most of my staff are former clients who have changed THEIR health and have become certified to teach and train to help others just like you!

I am presently working on ONLINE courses for women over 50 that I can teach in small groups via skype so that we can all "meet" each other weekly where ever you live! Email me if you would like to know more about that program going LIVE IN July of 2016! Only those on my email list will be notified about this so be sure and create an account to get on it. 

We will cover sleep, stress, nutrition in FULL with meal plans, finding what works for YOUR body, workouts for you!   Including: how to start, how to modify, how to improve, how to stay moving, cooking, how to cook, what to cook and make it healthy and tasty, how to get through menapause without losing your mind completely and more! The best part of this is that you will have women YOUR age going through what YOU are going through, becoming you new besties!  

Here's to you sister! TIME FOR YOU! I am 56 years old and absolutly LOVE doing what I have done for 35 years. I get blessed to be able to meet new women every day who needed a place to START and continue. 

So, if you are reading this months or years later, you better believe I will STILL be creating programs for women.

Hope to hear from you and help you believe in YOU!

Suzi Schumacher McKee 

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"Suzi is a woman on a mission.  She is all about helping all women get fit and live a healthier lifestyle.  Her motivation and expertise cannot be matched.  She truly cares about her clients."
~Cherra LaFleur

Before & After

Before & After


Before & After
"I feel amazing and I am so thankful I decided to do the challenge!"
~Tina Hicks
60 Day Challenge - Lost 24.75 inches
8.8lbs, 9.4 Body Fat and 98 BMI

Before & After